Steven Damon Coburn for Governor of Tennessee 2014

Tennessee can fix today's problems by applying Christian values. It’s been tried the other way and has failed miserably.

The BIBLE is the instruction manual for righteous living. Even non-believers must agree there is nowhere in the bible that teaches people to rob, cheat, steal, commit adultery, abortion, and show me where it says you can sit down and let others pay for your laziness. Please vote to bring the bible back into schools, our kids need to be taught the moral values and the practical knowledge the Bible holds.

WE are the Volunteer State; let’s volunteer to fix today’s problems so our children and grandchildren have a fighting chance for a life not in bondage and up to their ears in corruption, debt and immorality.

Tennessean’s should demand 100% of our social security Tennesseans paid in from our paychecks be placed in a Tennessee account that only you have access to not congress. Social Security should not be a Ponzie Scheme. You should be able to borrow from your account and pay yourself interest, this way your retirement account benefits.

Reduce welfare by 80%. We can force elected officials to pay their own insurance premiums. From the savings, start a catastrophic insurance fund where your taxes will pay for the expensive portion of insurance. This would allow your healthcare insurance premiums to be reduced substantially and the deductables would be small.

Demand 80% of all products on Tennessee shelves be produced in America by American labor. Jobs will become plentiful again.

Signing NAFTA was an act of subversion, it allowed other countries to prosper and cause America to become financially dependent, jobless and broke, we now have to borrow money from the same countries we buy their products just to keep our economy afloat.

Fix the Judicial System. Lawyers found consistently asking for continuances or finding loop holes to get the guilty off, should be disbarred, and be tried for obstruction of justice. Make all Tennessee Prisons maximum and medium security prisons and build quanset hut for the minimum security inmates on the same property, it’s good enough for our military, and it is good for them. Life in prison should be hard time not a country club.

Are the electronic voting booths accurate, have voters use both electronic and paper ballots proving they should be the same. Tennessee can vote out corruption to make America great again..

Vote to eliminate special interest, excessive government spending, lavish and excessive vacations. Prayer and your voting booth is the answer, the SOLUTION is clear:

Tennessee has a voting booth in every town, If Tennesseans voted upon very detailed situations and if the majority agrees, 80% of all problems facing Tennesseans today can be fixed in 1-2 years. Tennessee also has the ability to force Democrats and Republicans to immediately stop bickering and work together. HOW?

LAST RESORT: Vote to keep our tax money in Tennessee until our government can get spending under control and Politicians pay for the same insurance we the taxpayers have.

I would also love to prove that an election can be won without fundraising and without owing any favors so that faith in government is restored.

I pray you have read the whole letter; the future of our children and grandchildren are at stake. SEND NO MONEY, word of mouth, Internet, Face book and Emails cost nothing and is better than owing favors, so let’s take this viral.


STEVEN DAMON COBURN if given a chance is that person. Thank you and GOD BLESS