Steven Damon Coburn for Governor of Tennessee 2014

Tennessee can fix today's problems by applying Christian values. It’s been tried the other way and has failed miserably. WE are the Volunteer State; let’s volunteer to fix today’s problems so our children and grandchildren have a fighting chance for a life not in bondage and up to their ears in corruption, debt and immorality. Steven Damon Coburn if elected will ask Tennesseans every two months to use the voting booth to vote upon 10-15 items and if a high percentage agrees than it is the Governors job to make it happen because it was the will of the People of Tennessee. You will be giving us ideas for future problem solving, this is a Christian and diplomatic method of strengthening America starting with Tennessee. If done correctly, other States will follow. Washington D.C. can once again become a place of respect and trust. Issues such as :

Vote to teach biblical values in schools again.

Vote to fire and imprison any and all government officials that voted to dip into social security fund.

Vote to fire and imprison any and all government official that bundled good with bad legislature so it would be passed, and if they received any financial compensation for doing such, sell their possessions to repay our Government for acts of subversion.

Vote to imprison any government official that voted for NAFTA. on grounds of subversion.

Vote to disbar any Lawyer that has used loopholes to get a criminal off or ask for excessive continuances.

Vote to build quanset huts in every county to hold criminals until their court date and after they are found guilty. It is good enough for our military.

Vote that all death row inmates be placed in quanset huts just like our military and if a fight brakes out and one dies they died at the hands of their equal.

Vote that all courts are held 24 hours a day for due justice. No more years dragging it out.

Vote that the Veterans get quality healthcare due them.

Vote to demand 80% of products on Tennessee shelves are produced in America by American labor, so jobs in Tennessee will be created.

Vote to reduce welfare recipients and amounts by 80%. They need to be asked with their disabilities what job can they do to make a living for their family?

Vote that next to the electronic voting booth there will be a paper ballot for accuracy. and no body votes without proper identification, United States citizen, and registered to vote in that precinct and our military has the opportunity to vote and be counted.

Vote to eliminate special interest, excessive government spending, lavish and excessive vacations.

Vote that 100% of illegals be deported for economical, financial and moral reasons.(I believe in humanitarian help but illegals are being taken care of better than our veterans.)

Vote to sell the Governor's mansion, elected officials are servants not kings. This dollar can go to veterans medical, quanset huts and catastrophic portion of the health insurance.

Vote to demand with respect, that the Federal Budget gets balanced and reduced by 40% within two months without touching the military or Senior Citizen benefits. If it is not done I will ask Tennesseans to start a class action lawsuit against all government officials both Democrats and Republicans that are not doing their job and if found guilty have their possessions sold to repay the United States of America. AND vote to withhold 100% of Tennessee taxes until it is done.

I would also love to prove that an election can be won without fundraising and without owing any favors so that faith in government is restored.

I will be on the NOVEMBER ballot as an Independent candidate for Governor of Tennessee. I pray you have read the whole letter; the future of our children and grandchildren are at stake. SEND NO MONEY, word of mouth, Internet, Face book and Emails cost nothing and is better than owing favors, so let’s take this viral, tell fifty people and ask them to tell fifty that lives in Tennessee and those not in Tennessee, it will spread like wild fire without costing millions like most candidates spend.


STEVEN DAMON COBURN if given a chance is that person. Thank you and GOD BLESS